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WaterWealth makes a big move

Ian Stephen, WaterWealth


Local clean water activist Ian Stephen at a city council meeting in 2014.


n March 2, 2013, WaterWealth  opened it's doors at our location on Storey Avenue in Chilliwack for what was initially a four-month term. Thanks to the amazing generosity of the building owner and support from the city through a permissive tax exemption on the space, we remained in the same building, month-to-month, for over two and a half years!


All good things come to an end though, and at the end of November we handed over the keys to a new tenant who signed a long term lease. They're great folks and we're happy to see them and the building owner benefit from the deal they've reached.

As for WaterWealth, we are still doing the vital and rather unique work we do for the long-term health and protection of our shared home waters throughout BC.

Even with the generosity we benefited from at the Storey Avenue location, whether the cost of the office made sense for the work we do was a question we found ourselves returning to many times. So, for now at least, we'll take this opportunity to explore the option of operating without a physical office. With so much of what we do taking place either online or in the field, a smartphone may prove to be all the 'office' we really need.

On the other hand, there are some considerations of equipment storage and occasionally meeting space that doesn't have to be booked in advance, so if any readers have office space they might be interested in donating, that could be an option too. We could use room for a desk with power and internet, and storage space for stuff like display materials, streamkeeping gear and files. Preferably dog-friendly and where our coming and going early mornings through late evenings any day of the week would be ok, or even beneficial. Maybe in exchange for caretaking/light maintenance?

Office, warehouse, garage, bunker, tree-house? We're flexible. If you've got something that might fit, contact me via email here and lets talk!

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