Thursday, Jan. 7, 2015


Treasure Trove

Metal detector club  compare best finds

Mark Lewis, FVTH


Hungry Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters met at the Aldergrove Legion last week.


magine you're out on the old Cariboo Wagon Road with your metal detector and you find a gold nugget that popped out of a miners pack way back in 1858.


The Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters got together last week over a potluck dinner to compare best finds of the month.


"We have Hunters of the Month. Everyone attending the meeting is asked to bring their best find since the last meeting. Everyone at the meeting has a vote on the items, you can vote as many times you like but only once per item," said organizer Mark Lewis in an email too The Voice Wednesday.


The top 3 vote-getters are given points for their standing in the voting. The 3 top Hunters also get a coin for their efforts. This month it was Silver coins from Guatemala.

First Place gets 3 Points
Second Place gets 2 Points
Third Place gets 1 point

The winners this month were:

First Place Dennis Augustynowicz - Zippo Lighter
Second Place Mark Lewis - 1931 Canadian 5 Cent Coin
Third Place Paulette Breaks - Ponds Cold Cream Jar circa 1935

Mark Lewis (R) holds his coin find up along with other members who hold their treasures.


These points are accumulated over the year. The top point-getter for the year is the Hunter of the Year. The top 3 finishers will receive prizes at our February Meeting

Buried Tokens
We had a member, Rudy Van Berkel, donate 2 Silver Maple Leafs and 2 Special Tokens, almost  2 years ago he buried the 2 tokens somewhere in the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland of BC.


And then at our monthly meetings, he would give out clues. You could only get the clues at the meetings. Both those 2 tokens have been found and now the club supplies the coins but the latest finder must supply the clues.

For more information about joining the group visit their website here.




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