Friday, Jan 8, 2015

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Hope Choir inaugural 2016 meeting Feb 12

Leah Jones, Hope BC


he Hope Community Choir is starting back up! Jill Last has done a fantastic job but will be stepping down and having two new directors step up to lead. It's an exciting times for singers and directors!


A preliminary meeting will be this coming Tuesday 12th, at the Hope United Church located at 310 Queen St. and at 7pm. this will not be a proper singing practice, this is more for information and input.


Please feel free to come anyway. Our first singing practice will be the week after or possibly the week after that. We will let you know after the meeting which one smile emoticon

The choir is open to anyone of any age. Singing ability should be of at least shower quality! Hope to see you there singing in the choir soon!

Contact Leah here on Facebook or Addie Murphy at 604-869-5886



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