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Registry provides animal care when you've got to go

Peter Whitlock, RLFI


any residents of Ryder Lake have animals, from pet dogs and cats to livestock such as Cattle, horses, sheep, emus, llamas and donkeys. 


From time to time we all need someone to look after our animals. This can be for a day when we have to be away from our homes or farms or for two to three weeks while we are on vacation. We have all experienced difficulty in finding competent persons to do this, particularly in the case of an emergency where you need to leave NOW.


In 2007 the Farmer's Institute set up of a registry of persons able and willing to mind animals. This covered a wide range of commitments from those only willing to do small pets such as cats and dogs to those experienced at caring for livestock. This included a group of people to do this for an agreed amount of compensation as well as those willing to do reciprocal arrangements. (I look after your animals for two weeks and you look after mine in the future.)


There are two parts to the registry. Persons willing to care for animals from time to time at their home and persons willing to provide care at the animals home either daycare or overnight care.


Glenda Scott operated this registry for some years and it was appreciated by the community. I would like to reconstitute and update the registry and hopefully find a new volunteer to be the contact person.


If you are interested in being listed in this new registry, please contact Peter Whitlock via email here or call 604 824-7450, 604 799 5900 (cell). 

Please provide the following information:

Personal Details: Name, Phone numbers, email address, Area of the community you live.

Care at your home: Kind of animals you have & what can you care for - small &/or Large

Care at animal's home: small &/or large

Daycare-only or stay overnight.

House sitting: with or without animals.

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