Thursday, January 21, 2015

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Trump Talkin'

Chilliwack MLA Martin goes after people on welfare and disabled

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n November 16, just before 40th parliament session broke for the holiday season, talk in the Legislature was about apprenticeship training incentives before breaking into chatter about employment and the BC Jobs Plan, when Chilliwack MLA John Martin stood up, and with the swagger of Donald Trump, said in his opening paragraph: the best social a job.


It's not clear why Martin chose to single out people on welfare, or what he meant when he said that a job provides people with dignity, respect and opportunity. Does that mean people who aren't working full-time jobs don't have any of the above?


Martin also added that the BC Jobs Plan is making "significant investments in skills training". What jobs would all that training be for, particularly in his constituency of Chilliwack?


Martin happily hammered away at welfare recipients insisting the Liberal government intends to break the cycle of income assistance dependency, and described how they don't want it to go back to the way it was in the 90s, where 1-in-10 people were on assistance. Of course, Martin has no clue that 4-in-10 Americans are currently on food stamps.


He continued his tirade against people on social assistance by going after those with disabilities. According to his numbers, the BC Liberals have coerced 17,000 people with disabilities to find work and spent $3 million in what they call special “assistive technology” doing it.


Martin boasted about the employment opportunities that the BC Liberals have created and threw out all kinds of erroneous job numbers from temporary stop-gap construction activity in the province. No permanent jobs. Even the long-term jobs he spoke of are just temporary.


What happens after the construction jobs are done? Workers go on unemployment insurance, or worse yet—welfare.


However, in his myopic summation, he overlooks reports that the US will lose over 5 million jobs by the year 2025 directly due to robotics and technology. Canada will see a net job loss in proportion. Even local farmworkers are losing their jobs as farms upgrade to mechanical harvesters.


Today in 2008, Black Monday occurred. The Financial Times Stock Exchange had its biggest ever one-day points fall. European stocks closed with their worst result since 11 September 2001. This year, the stock market has had it's worst-ever start in history.


There's 1000 billion in a trillion. US debt is over $7 trillion–all of which can never be paid back. Canadian debt is in proportion. With a slowing economy, and oil prices that most economists say is heading even lower, it's possible that the dollar will crash. Then we'll see thousands small business bankruptcies in BC and permanent jobs vaporize.


Much of what Martin does as an MLA is assist constituents with welfare and disability appeals, but with his mantra, he'd be seen in conflict of interest to someone filing an appeal. Here you have a biased guy sitting there telling someone who's been denied disability status that the best form of income assistance is a job.


Until the BC Liberals come up with permanent jobs instead of temporary fixes, then sorry Mr. Martin, you're going to have to put up with people on social assistance and unemployment insurance.



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