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Free Ulysses Agreement seminar with Ron Plowright Feb 2

Sabine Mendez, CHC


Voice file photo of Ron Plowright, Fraser Health outreach.


hat is a Ulysses Agreement? A voluntary process that is used by a person that has a mental illness or mental health concern. The plan outlines to others what they should and should not do to support the children and the parent(s).


It also allows the parent to plan how their children will be cared for should they relapse and be temporally unable to care for their children. The wellness part of the plan uses components of the Wellness Recovery Plan (WRAP) and outlines what a person does every day to be the healthiest they can be.




Neighbourhood Learning Centre - 46361 Yale Road Chilliwack, BC CA



Dinner, Welcome

Introduction to Ulysses Agreements and WRAPs

What is a Ulysses Agreement?

What is a Wellness Recovery Plan?
Who is a candidate and when should we use these tools?
How to use to collaborate with patient, family, friends and other service providers


Ulysses Agreements/Wellness Recovery Plans in Action
Case studies, mock plan development
Action Planning: how to fit into current workflow
Evaluations, finalize action plans & close

Contact Ron Plowright of FH Practice Support Program via email here or 1-604-763-2705

*This program meets the accreditation criteria of the College of Family Physicians Canada and has been accredited for 2.5 Mainpro-C credits. Physicians and practice staff will receive sessional payments.


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