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Band Ignored on Contaminated Dirt

Malahats seek injunction until they are 'properly consulted' on soil dumping

Jason Walker, Malahat Nation


oday, Malahat Chief Caroline Harry and council filed an application in the BC Supreme Court supporting the grant of a stay of the current permit held by Cobble Hill Holdings to permit the dumping of contaminated soils.

In reviewing the evidence presented in this matter to date, the Malahat Nation does not feel it was properly informed nor consulted by the Crown on this project in a satifactory way. Further, after failure of the Crown to respond to requests for information to this matter, the Nation has no choice but to take pause.

As stewards of both the traditional territory of the Malahat Nation and holding private lands adjacent to the Siouth Island Aggregates, the Nation is concerned at this time that proper independent science may not in fact have been considered in the decision by the MInistry nor the Environmental Appeal Board.

A stay would allow time for the Malahat Nation to engage in proper consultation with the Crown and come to a properly informed decision on this project.

The Malahat Nation was represented by Jeff Langlois, an associate at JFK Law Corporation.

Walker told The Voice on Thursday, they expect the court's decision Friday.

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