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Life's Little Treasures

FVTH club members step up to help sick boy
Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters

Kris Szigeti, FVTH member, donated his AT Pro model metal detector to Damon Langford, 14, who is suffering from Leukemia. Below, Damon is all geared up and makes a find.


t all began with a phone call from William Williams at SMI Electronics in Langley BC. William told me about an email he had received from one of the companies that SMI handles in their line of Metal Detectors.


It appears that a young man from Surrey had sent this company a letter asking about the possibility of receiving a discount on one of their machines.


You see, Damon had done some metal detecting with his Dad, but he had outgrown his machine and wanted something better. The company he wrote to, replied back to him to go see SMI Electronics in Langley, BC. Needless to say Damon was disappointed. Did I mention that Damon has Leukemia?


That is where the phone call to me came in. William explained the situation and asked if The Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters would help? I said absolutely. William told me that Al Sanders, the owner of SMI, had picked out a machine and was going to sell it to Damon at a greatly reduced price.


I told William, leave it to me and I set about writing an email to our Club members and friends, telling them all the story. In a matter of hours, I was receiving replies with dollar pledges on them totaling over $400. I was never so proud of our club as I was right then.


But that is not where the story ends.



A happy group of Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters all pitched in to help Damon and his dad join in hunts with the right equipment. Below, Mark Lewis, club founder, gives Damon membership cards.


One of our Members stepped up and hit it out of the park. That Member Kris Szigeti,  Donated his AT PRO for Damon at NO COST


I called SMI and Told Al & William what Kris had done, they were gobsmacked as well. I told Al & William that Kris would like to buy a White's DFX and asked Al if he could help out on the price. Al agreed immediately and also set about getting a kit together for Damon.


Since Kris had donated his machine to the cause, I had to write everyone again and tell them what had happened, and if we could still use the funds for other items such as a pinpointer, tools and taxes. And again the answer was yes and in another wonderful act of selflessness, Chris Turner from the Vancouver branch of Ring Finders, donated a brand new Pinpointer to Damon. In addition, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters donated a one-year membership to Damon and his Dad, and also put some cash in the pot.


I am so proud of these people, and I am so glad to be associated with them. I want to offer my most sincere thank you to Al Sanders, William and Ed from SMI Electronics in Langley, BC, Chris Turner from Ring Finders, Vancouver, BC, to the Members of the Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters. But most of all, to Kris Szigeti for his generosity. I am so proud he is a teammate. 


Thank you Everyone for making it happen.


For more information about the club, membership and events, visit Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters.




Remember all the coins you find, you keep!

All the tokens you find, turn them in for prizes!

All Monies will be put back into the Hunts


REGISTRATION  10:00 11:00  Receive gift bag with name tag. Name tag MUST be worn to enter the corral!


GIFT BAG Contains T shirt, Name Tag, Food Voucher, Gifts


Hunt #1 11:00 - ?  Early Bird Hunt Find the matching token and win your entry fee back!


Hunt #2 12:00 ?  Tokens are hidden with letters on them, 1st team to spell SILVER wins A SILVER HALF DOLLAR For each member of the team!


HUNT #3 1:15  1:45  TBA


Hunt #4  2:15 2:45   Find the SPECIAL PENNIES among THOUSANDS to win special prizes


***** Dinner Break*****


Hunt #5  5:00 5:30  Can you hear me now   Coins & Tokens - NO HEADPHONES ALLOWED


Hunt #6  6:00 6:45 Clear the Field, find the new plants as well as any from the earlier hunts! Turn Off all lights, no lights allowed in Corral. Please submit your coins and tokens for counting after this hunt.


Hunt #7  7:00 ???  Paws & Claws This hunt is extra and ONLY open to those who bring a Brand New Dog Toy OR Gently Used Blankets and Comforters

NO SHEETS. Special Tokens will be used for this hunt. Turn in your Tokens for Special Prizes.



When you make a donation, please make sure to give your name at registration, if you don't do this, we have no way of knowing if you donated. We need to know so we can take you into account.


 Lucky Penny 1855, Canadian One Cent Token in Hunts #2-#6  -Exchange for prizes, CANNOT HOLD OVER


CLOSING CEREMONIES 8:00 Awarding Trophies, Drawing of Raffles, etc...


Trophies Oldest Hunter, Youngest Hunter, Farthest Travelled, Highest Coin Count


Tokens and Coins found in the first hunts do not count toward your final total


In your gift bag you will receive a couple of zip lock baggies, please put your coins and Tokens in those ( No Jewellery) and give them to the registration desk so they may be tallied. You can collect the tokens at Dinner break and after the 6th hunt.


Any coins found during the 7th hunt belong to the finder, the tokens have no redemption value since we will be using special tokens for this single hunt, but we would like them back for next year. Coins and tokens found during this hunt will NOT count to toward the final coin count since this is an optional hunt.


Times are approximate due to 3 hunts that have no set time limit

Hunt# 1

Hunt# 2

Hunt# 7

If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Please remember we are supporting the

Partial Proceeds from the Event will go to the

 BCSPCA & Dana Metta Rescue Society

The entry fee for Hunt #7

Is for you to bring unwrapped

Gently Used Blankets and Comforters

Brand New Toys

Canned food for Cat's & Dog's

Please NO Sheets


You will exchange the special tokens for a special prizes

We are looking forward to having you take part


And having a lot of fun


See you in July


Mark Lewis


Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters






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