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The Joy of Painting

Art battlers cleaning up their brushes for #349 event in Chilliwack Feb 6
Zoe Howarth, MōDA EVENTS


Art Battle was conceived in Toronto by Simon Plashkes and Chris  Pemberton. The fun event, which has grown to more than 30 communities across Canada, is coming to Vineyard Community Centre Feb 6. Photos by Tito Ferrera and Scott Lennon (below).


reak into 2016 with live competitive painting! Art Battle is back in Chilliwack, presented by Moda Events at the Vineyard Community Centre on Saturday, February 6th.


It's been a year since the first Art Battle was held in Chilliwack and we are now gearing towards the end of the season! With two shows left, the next being held at a new venue in Chilliwack, and the finale will be at The Reach in Abbotsford.

It's definitely been an exciting run and we are so thankful that the community and media has supported the artists and the event alike! The sponsors that started with us for the first Art Battle have continued to be a big part of each event and they really do rock! With Julie Anne's Art & Framing, CIVL Radio, and Lexa's Perspective Photography...they make this event that much better!


Featuring 12 local artists across 3 rounds, selected painters have 20 minutes to go from blank canvas to art glory! Silent auction of works created on the evening, live audience voting and more.


Art Battle Canada has been promoting 

Canadian artists through live painting    competitions since 2009. 


With brushes flying, music pumping, drinks rising, and votes rolling in after 3 rounds of amazing live painting, a new National Champion was crowned. 


Congratulations to all of our Canadian Championship artists, and to Leanna TenEycke of Oakville Ontario, the 2015 Art Battle Canada National Champion – ART BATTLE CANADA


#349 Contestants

Hyunjin So (above) has displayed art at a local Chilliwack Gallery and her SCHOOL gallery. I point this out because Hyunjin is a student at a local high school and wow is she talented! Her portraits are in pencil as well as painted canvas and this girl is awesome!


Eevin-Leigh (right) uses pencil or pencil crayons for most of her artwork but there's also a passion for painting with acrylics. Her paintings are typically bright and colourful with bold black lines, while her sketches tend to be black and white or neutral portraits. She has recently found inspiration in tattoo and graffiti art. That's Eevin-Leigh's inspiration for 2016.


About Moda Events

Moda Events was started in 2013 and was brought about with the love of living in Chilliwack and wanting to work closely within the community. There is a calling here for fresh, creative events and that’s what we want to bring to the table. To step outside the box and out of that comfort zone can be so entertaining. It’s exactly what we are asking these artists to do for you on February 6th! To learn more about Moda Events, visit us at www.modaevents.ca 


Thank you to our sponsors; Julie Anne’s Art & Framing, CIVL Radio 101.7, and Lexa’s Perspective Photography!









"It wasn't until my 20's that I started to explore my passion for fine arts; everything I do is self-taught. I prefer to paint with acrylics, but I've recently been trying watercolor. I enjoy drawing and painting portraits, it's what comes naturally to me." Her favourite painter is Amy Minchew.


Nadine Willis


Nadine Willis is a passionate pursuer of love and justice. Her time is spent between being a mother and as an Ambassador for Hope, helping children in 21 countries. Nadine travels to Kenya every year with small business ideas to help mamas take care of at risk kids and to get sex workers off the street.

"My art always focuses on the eyes which expresses my deep love for souls and truly knowing one another."


Michelle Auton

Michelle Auton is a painter/printmaker/sculptor BFA student out of UFV. Her art reflects politics, family, and the environment around. Michelle is happiest when creating work, especially that which makes a difference.


Josie Bleuer

Josie! A wondrous women who loves the battle (it's her third one!) She's a superstar and we love having her!


Mike Smith

When Mike's not spending time with his beautiful family, he basically paints anything that can be painted. He's all about bright colors, graffiti, and airbrushing. Oh and restoring old things. Talk about busy! http://ow.ly/XtKNr




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