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Baby We Were Born To Run

The 4th Annual Stiff Nipple Ride kicks starts the new year
Voice staff, file photos


Bikers rallied at the Starlight Cafe on Menzies on New Year's Day in the biting cold for a run out to Harrison Hot Springs. Below, Duncan Mackenzie, 69, and his mint 1948 Panhead.

ver since Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gas powered motorcycle in 1885, the evolution of bikes has been astounding. Now, they come with GPS and USB ports.


It was minus temperatures in Chilliwack on Friday as one by one, just under 20 glistening machines putted into the Video Tonite lot on Menzies St. for the 4th Annual Stiff Nipple Ride. Each one of them clean enough to eat your breakfast off of—not that they'd let you.


A gorgeous soft tail custom or shovelhead wheels in with more chrome goodies than the law allows. Some brought trikes, like Fairfield Island resident Dave Cooke riding a 2014 103 model with all the gewgaws.


"This is my wife's, it has GPS and all that," he says. "I ride a 2012 Ultra Classic".


Today, the group of friends are riding out to the Old Settlers Pub in Harrison for lunch. It's all about the camaraderie and getting together to kick off the new year.


The ride got it's curious moniker four years ago when Jennifer Lilly, this year's organizer, was sitting around with friends trying to come up with a name. Considering the time of year, it was an easy call to make. Brrr.


Lilly, a proud grandma of one, has been riding for about nine years, the last three on a VTX 1300.

Everybody knows everybody. Some could even tell who was on the bike from a block away just by the helmet or a windshield.


Jennifer Lilly gets a hug from one of the riders.


"Oh that's Stella and Leon, they've got a full-facers," says one.


They're renegades in their own right. Most are clad in leather. They had to be to cut the icy wind on that cold first morning. Some even had hand warmers stuffed in their gloves and pockets.


When it comes to riding a motorcycle, there's good days when it's hair straight back and your engine's singing as you wind down the open highway.


Then, there's the bad ones, like when you're worn down from a day of riding hard and fighting a brutal wind or driving rain. You stop under an overpass to get some relief for a few minutes and the bike won't start after. But then, you save the day by pulling off a heroic ham sandwich repair job with stuff you find on the side of the highway.


Out on the road, you're stopping over at inexpensive motels, or pitching a tent. Travelling light with just one change of clothes and taking advantage of washers and dryers along the way.


So, the coffees are done and Lilly shouts out basic instructions as the riders prepare to mount up for the run to Harrison. But not before a group photo.



"Okay, I want everyone to ride staggered and single file," she says. "That's so in case we hit some ice patches."


With a 4-wheel escort front and back, they head out.


Thanks to Starlight Cafe for the coffees and Video Tonite for the use of the lot. See more photos below.



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