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Smart Meters to Cel Phones

Retired electronics warfare expert insists Wi-Fi is dangerous

Submitted by Captain Jerry Flynn, RET., open letter to the BC Premier


Dear Premier Clark,
Today, I am sending you a Registered Letter addressed to your Box 9041 address in Victoria on this subject matter (see attached), about which any informed person can draw but one conclusion: Dr. Perry Kendall, British Columbia's Provincial Health Officer, is deliberately keeping you and your government ignorant!

Due to the gravity and scope of this problem, I am obliged to also send it to every member of parliament. and others. This ongoing deliberate suppression of the truth by corrupt officials in Health Canada, the wireless and telecom, and electric utility industries, who are aided and abetted by a stifled news media and certain members of your Government must stop!



t is not my pleasure, but my absolute duty to bring to your attention that you, your government and your own legacy as Premier of this province are in serious jeopardy because your Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall and possibly your Minister of Health are allowing you to remain ignorant of what honest scientists, globally, know is the looming health crisis of our time - the unchecked proliferation of wireless technology: e.g., baby monitors, Smart Meters, cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers, tablet and laptop computers, Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX zones; Wi-Fi in cars, buses, trains, planes, cruise ships, restaurants, parks, beaches, complete towns and cities; garage door openers, remote control units, RFIDs; military, commercial and police radars;  military, commercial and scientific satellites, etc., all of which emit  toxic “low-level, pulsed, non-thermal radio frequency radiation.


This ‘cloud’ of radiation – which humans cannot see, smell, touch, hear or taste – is everywhere and thickens commensurately as new devices are introduced and their collective usage increases. Think of how smoke thickens in a room as more and more people smoking a variety of paraphernalia (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, marijuana etc.) enter the room.

I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain who was educated, trained and employed for 22 years in Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).


I conducted EW operations aboard two Canadian warships; was simultaneously the Executive Officer and Operations Officer at one of Canada’s largest and most sensitive radio intelligence-gathering stations; was posted to National Defense Headquarters, Ottawa, into the Directorate of Electronic Warfare, where I was the sole EW Staff Officer responsible for supporting Canada’s only army EW squadron. In this position, I worked closely with U.S. and NATO army EW units in the U.S., Germany and Italy. In the SIGINT world, I worked closely with the USA’s NSA and, to a lesser extent, with Britain’s GCHQ. 


Premier Clark, it is only because of my EW/SIGINT background that I am aware that the Soviet Union/Russia and the USA have spent vast fortunes since the early 1950s developing whole arsenals of EW weapons that, in many cases, use the same radio frequencies and the same - and even lower - power levels as do today’s wireless devices, including baby monitors and Smart Meters! Both the Russian and American militaries have known for at least 50 years that low-level pulsed non-thermal radiation - the kind emitted by all of today’s wireless devices - is at least as harmful to humans, flora and fauna as is thermal radiation, possibly even more so! Yet today, the corrupt U.S. Military, Government and Industrial Complex and its corrupt allies in Health Canada, Industry Canada and the other international agencies will not publicly admit that non-thermal radiation, especially pulsed, is harmful to humans, flora and fauna, for fear that by doing so it would jeopardize their military and commercial interests.


Honest scientists (those not paid by industry or the military) know that:

• The human brain is exquisitely sensitive and can detect man-made radiation as weak as one quadrillionth of a watt (0.000,000,000,000,001 W/cm2)!

• The only safe level of ANY radiation is ZERO!

• All radiation is cumulative: it adds up, from all emitting devices, layer upon layer!

• The damage done by cell phones to the human brain is also cumulative, i.e., the total number of minutes spent in all of a person’s cell phone calls adds up.

Of all of today’s wireless devices, easily the most dangerous are wireless Smart Meters because of the aggregate amount of toxic radiation they will generate in what utilities call “meshed-networked” communities, ranging in size from 500 to 5,000 homes. Each home’s Smart Meter contains two pulsed non-thermal microwave transmitters. This alone means that even the smallest community of just 500 homes will suddenly have 1,000 new transmitters spewing toxic radiation! While utilities seldom if ever mention it, homes in future are expected to have 15-or-so “Smart” appliances – each of which will have its own pulsed microwave transmitter, receiver and antenna circuit! In terms of just ‘Smart’ appliances, the smallest community of only 500 homes will have 7,500-or so Smart appliance transmitters, all of which will spew their toxic non-thermal radiation periodically throughout the 24 hour day in perpetuity! 


Note: It is predicted that the market for ‘Smart’ appliances will grow to USD$ 34.9-Billion by 2020! From the above, it can easily be seen that even the smallest community (500 homes) will have in excess of 8,500 new pulsing microwave transmitters, receivers and antenna –none of which existed before Smart Meters were installed! In the largest communities of5,000 homes, there will be 10 times as many transmitters – 85,000, all emitting their toxic radiation in perpetuity! This mind-boggling amount of “new” radiation must then be added to whatever ambient level of radiation was already in a community before Smart Meters arrived!


Premier Clark, your government’s Health Care budget already consumes approximately 40% of the province’s total budget (Canadian Institute for Health Information, 2013). Unless you stop this madness, healthcare in this province will become unaffordable for all but the wealthiest of people; this unchecked radiation will bankrupt your/any government! Meanwhile, you and your son, like the rest of us, are destined to live in a toxic ‘meshed-networked’ community, and like us, you will be forced to endure this for the rest of your lives! Incidentally, the actual amount of radiation emitted in a ‘meshed-networked” community far exceeds that which one can infer from the above, but I’ll not discuss that here as I think my point has been adequately made.

Because this is such a huge controversial issue - globally, I will confine my comments to just those which I believe you need to know. I assure you, I have ample evidence to support everything said herein, which I will gladly share with you/your government. It would also be my pleasure to share with you/your government my 470-odd slide Power Point presentation, which I have fastidiously developed over these past five years. Those who have seen it (24 communities throughout B.C. to date) understand the scope and gravity of the problem, of which Dr. Perry Kendall, at least, is keeping you ignorant!  


With due respect, Premier Clark,Dr. Perry Kendall, being B.C.’s Provincial Health Officer, should have known and appreciated the significance of the following:  

• That Dr. Lennart Hardell, PhD., arguably the world’s most respected scientist today in cell phone radiation research, and his world-renowned Hardell Group of Sweden published five more studies in 2013 – showing for the first time ever the harmful cumulative effects of people who used cell phones for 20 years! Such were his results that Dr. Hardell has called on the WHO to immediately upgrade radio frequency non-thermal radiation from Group 2B (“Possible”) carcinogen to Group 1 (“Known”) human carcinogen! If his recommendation is accepted, it means that the radiation emitted by all of today’s wireless devices, including Smart Meters, baby monitors, cell phones, etc. would be placed in the same carcinogenic category as tobacco and asbestos! Dr.Perry Kendall should have advised B.C.’s Minister of Health of this.

• Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Bureau (who establish “Safety Code 6,” Canada’s so-called radiation ‘safety’ Exposure Limits), their counterparts in Industry Canada and the four ‘standard-setting’ agencies of the world: WHO, ICNIRP, IEEE/ICES and FCC are all known to be nakedly corrupt. Even U.S. President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, warned the American people in 1961 to be on guard against a corrupt U.S. Military, Government and Industrial Complex. Today’s reality far surpasses his worst fears! Knowing this, Dr. Perry Kendall should have recommended to the Minister of Health that B.C. needed to establish its own safer radiation Exposure Limits!

• Safety Code 6’s radiation Exposure Limits are virtually identical to those of the corrupt WHO, ICNIRP, IEEE/ICES and FCC, all being amongst the highest (most dangerous) in the world. Russia, China, Italy, Switzerland and other countries have ‘safety’ limits that are 100s of times lower/safer than Canada’s!

• The BioInitiative 2007 Report called for all countries of the world to reduce their radiation Exposure Limits to protect the public. Had Canada complied, Safety Code 6 would have had to be reduced 10,000 times! Dr. Perry Kendall should immediately have apprised the Minister of Health of this!

• The Seletun Scientific Statement, written in 2011 by seven acclaimed scientists from five countries, warned that the global population is at risk, as there is serious disruption to biological systems now occurring! Dr. Perry Kendall should have apprised B.C.’s Health Minister of this!

• The BioInitiative 2012 Report, authored by 29 scientists, including 21 PhDs and 10 MDs or MSc medical specialists from 10 countries, called for all countries of the world to reduce their radiation Exposure Limits to protect the public. Had Canada complied, Safety Code 6 would have had to be reduced by an astonishing 3-6 million times! B.C.’s Health Minister – and you, as Premier – should have been apprised of this and some appropriate action taken immediately!

Withheld from you, and presumably from your Minister of Health, are the following:


Health Canada, B.C.’s PHO and their corrupt bed-mates in the four “standard-setting” agencies have historically refused to admit, and continue to deny that non-thermal radiation (the kind emitted by all of today’s devices) is harmful to humans, as well as to flora and fauna. Dr. Perry Kendall supports and has vigorously defended this irresponsible position throughout his 15-year tenure as PHO! 


Health Canada, B.C.’s PHO and their afore-mentioned corrupt bed-mates still will not admit that Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) or power-Line 60 Hz electric and magnetic fields (EMFs), emitted by all electrical devices such as household electricity, household appliances, power tools, machinery, high voltage transmission and distribution lines, electrical sub-stations, are harmful to humans, flora and fauna. Consequently, Canada, like the U.S., has virtually NO upper limit to which the public may be exposed – even 1,000 mG (milli-Guass) is allowed! By comparison, Russia allows its citizens to be subjected to EMFs not higher than 1.5 mG; Sweden, the country with the 2nd lowest (safest) limits, does not allow its citizens to be exposed to EMFs higher than 2.5 mG! Scientists have known for years that continuous exposure to EMFs of just 4 mG causes Leukemia in children!


Health Canada, B.C.’s PHO and their same corrupt bed-mates collectively refuse to admit that there is such a thing as electro-hypersensitivity or “EHS”! First identified by German scientists in 1932, countries in Europe began treating people suffering from EHS in the 1950’s! Even the U.S. Air Force first reported it in1955! And it has been treated in the USA for over 40 years! Even the former two-time Prime Minister of Norway who became the Director General of the WHO, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, MD, MPH (Harvard U.) admitted in 2002 that she too suffers from EHS! Honest scientists know that in every country of the world, at least 3-10% of the entire population already suffers from EHS, a number that some say will reach 50% by 2020! What in heaven’s name will happen to BC’s Health Care costs?

History has not been kind to you, Premier Clark, in that you inherited from your predecessor today’s radio frequency radiation debacle, which time increasingly proves truly is a despicable crime against humanity! You also inherited Dr. Perry Kendall as your PHO, whose abject dereliction of duty – for these past 15 years – has forced and continues to force every person, flora and fauna in British Columbia to endure what today is an invisible cloud of harmful radiation (that envelops virtually every inhabited community on the face of this planet)! What impact has his negligence had on B.C.’s health-care budget? How many lives have been harmed and lost because of him?


Like electric utilities and wireless and telecom companies throughout North America, BC Hydro and Fortis BC have too-easily allowed themselves to be drawn into the web of the enormously powerful U.S. Military, Government, Industrial Complex. Today, this military-led American powerhouse, with its insatiable appetite for world supremacy, promises other countries unprecedented profits and limitless business opportunities – if they agree to adopt the USA’s dangerously high radiation Exposure Limits (which are actually determined by a powerful sub-committee within IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). The principle members of this sub-committee are: the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent and Bell. It is also important to note that the same two scientists, Drs. William Bailey and Yakov Shkolnikov, who were retained by Fortis BC to defend Smart Meter technology to BCUC and the public in Fortis’ application to roll-out Smart Meters in 2013, are members of this committee! As are several members of Health Canada and Industry Canada! Drs. Bailey and Shkolnikov are full-time scientists for the product defense firm: Exponent Inc.! Hence one should now be able to understand that it is this U.S. military-led sub-committee within IEEE that establishes the USA’s actual radiation Exposure Limits, that are then conveyed to the unsuspecting world through the corrupt offices of the WHO, ICNIRP and FCC. Shamefully, both Health Canada and Industry Canada have been in bed with the USA for many years. Consequently, Safety Code 6’s radiation Exposure Limits are virtually indistinguishable from those of the USA and are amongst the highest/most dangerous in the world!

The above explains why/how BC Hydro and Fortis BC can claim – very artfully -that the radiation emitted by “
a Smart Meter (referring specifically to a single LAN-local area network transmitter inside a single Smart Meter) is in compliance with Safety Code 6. They don’t want governments or the public to realize that the real concern should be what is the TOTAL or aggregate amount of radiation that a ‘meshed-networked’ community of Smart Meters will produce? For example, in even the smallest community of just 500 homes, there will be 1,000 transmitters (two in each Smart Meter), plus 7,500 additional transmitters (1 each in the 15-or-so ‘Smart’ appliances utilities expect all homes will have). That’s a total of 8,500-plus transmitters, all of which will be spewing toxic radiation periodically throughout the 24 day in perpetuity! Of those 8,500 transmitters, the 500 LAN or Local Area Network transmitters (one inside each Smart Meter) will be transmitting constantly, day and night in perpetuity! Out of sheer greed and being ignorant themselves of EMR and/or EMFs, utilities go to great pains to deliberately deceive technologically-ignorant and unsuspecting governments and public!


Because of his history of being inexcusably ignorant of wireless technology, one should not be surprised that Dr. Perry Kendall quickly became the best friend the wireless and telecom industries could possibly have wanted. Likewise for the electric utilities wanting to roll-out Smart Meters, as he presented no obstacles to them either. He single-handedly can claim credit for Smart Meters being allowed into British Columbia! Similarly, he has consistently offered no resistance whatsoever to industry’s extremely aggressive plans to flood every sector of the market with a seemingly endless array of wireless devices, the latest and most dangerous iteration of which are the aforementioned Smart Meters!


Premier Clark, you inherited today’s shockingly terrifying situation that poses the single most dangerous threat to human health in the history of the world: the unchecked proliferation of wireless technology, which literally envelopes entire communities with ever-thickening but invisible blankets of low-level, pulsed, non-thermal radio frequency radiation. You also inherited British Columbia’s disgracefully negligent and still woefully-ignorant Provincial Health Officer, who, had he done his job properly, could have prevented much of this from happening in British Columbia. On behalf of all British Columbians, I urge you to immediately: 1) replace Dr. Perry Kendall as the PHO; 2) replace him with a morally-upstanding medically competent professional who has some understanding of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum, of non-ionizing radiation and, in particular, has some appreciation of the dangers of non-thermal radiation; 3) direct your government’s health department to immediately divorce itself from Health Canada’s corrupt Radiation Protection Bureau and, instead, establish British Columbia’s own safer Provincial Radiation Exposure Limits. [Initially, I’d recommend adopting the findings of the BioInitiative 2007 Report until further studies can be done by independent scientists.] 4) halt any further installation of SmartMeters throughout the province, and replace all currently installed Smart Meters with harmless yet adequate analogue meters; 5) restore electric power to those homes that have had their power disconnected by BC Hydro and Fortis BC because the owners refused to allow Smart Meters to be installed on their homes; 6) reimburse those customers who were obliged to pay what amounts to extortionist fees to BC Hydro and Fortis BC in order to retain their analogue meters in their efforts to protect their families.


Premier Clark, the scope and gravity of today’s wireless radiation situation cannot be exaggerated; it truly is a colossal global problem! But now that it has been brought to your attention, surely you can see that this presents you with an unprecedented history-altering opportunity that no one could possibly have imagined. With the proverbial ‘stroke of a pen’ you can put a stop to this sheer madness – in British Columbia, at least! And by doing so, the rest of the world would be obliged to take notice! Other jurisdictions and countries would surely follow your intrepid leadership. History books everywhere would lionize you for the courage, bravery, honesty and conviction it took for you to stand up against such a huge corrupt opponent in order to protect the people of British Columbia – who elected you to do just that!



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