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Unwelcome Wagon

Chilliwack General Hospital nixes New Year's Baby gift presentation

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Chilliwack Welcome Wagon representatives. Carol Vance is on the bottom right.


ince 1930, Welcome Wagon has been synonymous with New Year's babies and presenting proud parents with gifts donated from local businesses at the hospital.


It's a nice thing and everybody's happy, right? Not so.


Last year, Fraser Health Authority (FHA) took the unprecedented step of banning Welcome Wagon from Chilliwack General Hospital.

"Unfortunately we were unable to make a presentation to the New Years Mom this year. The Chilliwack Hospital won't approve the visit," said said Chilliwack Welcome Wagon representative Carol Vance in an email to The Voice last week.

According to Vance, Welcome Wagon is too commercial for FHA's liking.

"The reason we are not allowed to bring gifts etc. to the New Years mom is Fraser Health considers this advertising, and for the same reason, we cannot leave our Welcome Wagon cards," she said.

Initially, Vance said that she wasn't given a reason for the brush off.

"The gal that I was talking to, removed our Welcome Wagon cards, without any explanation or phone call, & when I phoned her regarding this, she was appalled that we had been presenting the New Years mom for years. This all happened last year between Christmas & New Years," said Vance.

The FHA did not respond directly to The Voice, however after our inquiry, they called Vance last Wednesday with an explanation.

"I did receive a phone call from the Maternity Manager regarding this," said Vance. "Thank you for all your help."

Welcome Wagon Area Manager Pat Walker, refused to discuss the issue.


For more information about Welcome Wagon and to register for events such as the Bridal Shower or Bridal Fair, visit


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