Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015

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Twice on Third

Drug den deja vu as RCMP search house again

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An ERT member trains a gun on a Third Ave house Thursday morning.

ast Thursday at 9.a.m., a cop leaned over on his cruiser. In his hands was a sleek black AK47 assault rifle. With his elbows down on the hood, he lowered the sights onto the front door of a well-known drug house in the 46000-block of Third Ave. Officers then methodically cleared the residence of people.


For the second time in three weeks, RCMP shut down one end of Third Ave with a swarm of cruisers while the house was being searched. And they weren't taking any chances either.


On December 30, the Emergency Response Team, RCMP K9 unit, as well as assorted property crime and drug squads, moved in and searched the house seizing 9 guns, and what was thought to be a quantity of methamphetamine and heroin. At last word, three people had drug and firearms charges pending.


Police escorted people who were involved on Thursday's takedown to waiting paramedics who were staged well away from the scene on the other side of Young Rd.


The street was lined with neighbours watching the events. Some sipping their morning coffees.


"I just live down the street" said one local. "It's a regular happening on this block."


One man, who was somehow involved, was wandering around wrapped in a sheet and  in a daze holding his pants and shoes. When asked if he was alright, he looked up.


"I just want my car, man," he said sobbing. "They pulled me me out of it and threw me on the ground and I didn't do anything." 


A woman who was watching from the sidewalk on Young Rd., said she knew who the people were and named them.


An unhappy resident was detained and put into a cruiser. It's unknown if any arrests were made.


"My son became addicted to heroin in that house," she told The Voice. "He's in rehab now and I'm glad."


It's not known if there were any charges or arrests made as a result of the second search and RCMP have not yet commented. Nor, is there word from the City if they're going to slap a no residency notice on the house.


Watch The Voice for more details later as they emerge. See more photos below.



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