Saturday, January 3, 2015

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Lumber Ditched

Tractor-trailer mishap closes Keith Wilson Rd. for hours

Staff/Voice photos


Not just another day at the office for a truck driver who rolled over in his semi truck on Keith Wilson Friday. Luckily, he walked away with no injuries.


semi tractor-trailer carrying a full load of milled lumber rolled into a ditch in the 43800-block of Keith Wilson just after noon on Friday.


It's unclear exactly what happened, or if the load shifted, but the truck's wheels caught the edge of the ditch. Then gravity and the weight of the load took over, and the cab was flipped onto its roof like a Tonka toy.


Initial reports were that the driver scrambled out of the rig uninjured. He later called his wife for a ride.


RCMP closed Keith Wilson Rd. in both directions, Chilliwack Fire Department set up booms for any fuel spill contamination from the truck, while City crews and tow trucks were brought in to get the truck re-righted and the wood out of the drainage ditch.


See more photos below.


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