Friday, January 30, 2015

Federal Gov't

Fixing it at Home

Giving police the right tools

By Robert Pearsall, Chilliwack


hilliwack-Fraser Canyon MP, Mark Strahl today highlighted proposed new measures contained in the Anti-terrorism Act, 2015 that will provide law enforcement agencies with additional tools and flexibility to keep pace with evolving threats and better protect Canadians here at home.


"Threats of violence and terror being made against our country are taken very seriously by our Conservative Government. These new anti-terror measures will give our security forces the means to stop those who threaten us while protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding Canadians," said Strahl.

The measures announced today include:

Stopping those who promote terror by creating a new Criminal Code offence that will criminalize the promotion of terrorist attacks on Canadians;

Interfering with terrorist recruitment by giving our courts the authority to order the removal of terrorist propaganda online;

Providing CSIS with the ability, under judicial authority, to intervene to prevent specific terror plots while they are still in the planning stages ;

Providing law enforcement agencies with enhanced ability to detect and prevent terrorism offences and terrorist activity;

Preventing terrorists from travelling by enabling the sharing of relevant information across federal departments and agencies while also strengthening the Passenger Protect Program.

Making it easier for law enforcement agencies to detain suspected terrorists before they can harm Canadians and toughening penalties for violating court ordered conditions on terror suspects;

Enabling the sharing of relevant information across federal departments and agencies;

Ensuring national security agencies are able to prevent foreigners who pose a threat to Canada from obtaining Canadian citizenship, or from coming to Canada;

Providing witnesses with additional protection in national security proceedings and prosecutions.

The proposed legislation complements other previously passed legislation to protect Canadians, including the Combating Terrorism Act and the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act.


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