Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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A Bad Penny

Treasure hunters have rules too

Released by Mark Lewis, FVTH


e had a great meeting last night. The food, the company, couldn't ask for better. We touched on a few things; Rudy will be burying 2 more tokens this year but the 2 prizes will be supplied by the club.


Remember, to get the hints, you MUST attend the meeting. The hints will not be emailed or posted on Facebook.


I received an email late last week from the Park's Operations Area East Supervisor, this is the gentleman that I talked with to get permission to hunt Derby Reach.

It appears that someone, we have no idea whom has been hunting at Derby Reach WITHOUT PERMISSION

This is the email he received:

"I was at the DR Heritage Area today. There was a chap using a metal detector on the lawn at the parking lot. He had a trowel digging out his findings. He pulled out a 1909 coin. When I chatted with him he showed me the square head spikes he had also found.

I told him that he actually shouldn't be doing any of this at the park and this site particularly.

I ended on a friendly wish for the season and said he should become better informed as this was not something we would leave alone usually."

Please keep an eye out for this activity. I will also refresh my understanding. It is sad to see a coin forged in 1909, the year the Houston House was built, fall into a private collector's hands."

I have no idea who was digging in Derby Reach. If you know could you please approach him and ask him to return the items he found?

If this is the case please email me and we can get them back to where they belong. There are rules and procedures we have to follow to hunt in this area. Our job is to educate and train people about metal detecting and to help out where possible.

Hopefully we won't see this again. I will be posting photos from last night, the contest and this email on our Facebook page and website. We are entering our 3rd year. We have had 2 great years so far, we have accomplished much. Let's see what we can do this year. Thank you to each and every one of you.


For more information about the Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters, visit their website here.

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