Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fire News

Even In the Quietest Moment

Crews stop early morning vehicle fire from spreading to home

Staff/Voice photos


The fire chief checks out under the hood of a truck that caught fire early Tuesday.


ometimes fires start at the oddest times. Such was the case Tuesday when a blaze decided to break out under the hood of a GMC pickup truck in the 46100-block of Chilliwack Central Rd. at 3 a.m.


At first report, there were exposures, but luckily, the fire didn't spread beyond the vehicle and firefighters got it extinguished before within a few minutes.


There were no reports of injuries to anyone.


A neighbour told The Voice that he saw a suspicious character walking away at about the time the fire broke out.


If you have any information about this, the Chilliwack Fire Department would like to hear from you at 604-792-8713.



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