Friday, January 9, 2015

City Scene

Livelier Streets

Busker adds panache to downtown

Staff/Voice photos


lex Dyck lives and works on his family's dairy farm. He's also licenced as a busker by the City. In his spare time, he likes to head downtown with his guitar and do some busking. He's not in it for the money. He does it because it's fun.


Last week, the weather was perfect and so he thought he'd go out. Only this time, it wasn't with a guitar, he was playing a banjo.


"I got this for Christmas," he beamed strumming it outside of Harvest Cafe on Mill Street.


You'll find him sometimes outside the Bookman. If you see him, stop and have a listen. He'd like that.


For information on the City's busker licencing program, visit here. See also Buskers Wanted here.



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