Sunday, January 25, 2015

Crime News

Bicycle Bandits

Two-wheeled getaway vehicles used in store heist

Staff/Voice photos


A police cruiser sits out front of the Macs store after it was robbed at knifepoint Friday.



wo thugs, reportedly walked into the Macs Convenience store at First and Young Friday at about 9 a.m., allegedly armed with a knife, and helped themselves to cash and about 25 packs of cigarettes.


There were no reports of injuries and police immediately fanned out across the downtown core and beyond.


There were some conflicting details about whether both suspects fled the area on foot, or bicycle, but police quickly ascertained from eyewitnesses their direction of travel.


The suspects were just one step ahead of the police in what appears to have been a well-planned heist, because a short time later, police found items of clothing and a pair of bicycles ditched behind the courthouse.


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