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SOGI 123







Kari Simpson, pres. Culture Guard, speaks with media at the anti-SOGI 123 rally Thursday.







he elderly crowd coalesced Thursday, filling the 100 chairs laid out at Evergreen Hall. They came armed with morals and opinions, flying in formation knowing what they wanted before they arrived. They knew what the system wanted to do with the kids. They needed someone to lead them in the resistance. A voice in the wilderness.

That person is the self-ordained leader, Kari Simpson, president of Culture Guard. She paused between fiery statements to allow the crowd time to cheer and applaud. Her litany of statements were enunciated with scruples, morality and values. Backed by the right, those against SOGI 123 — sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.

They shouted encouragements, her redundant sermon steeped in negative reinforcement as she tempted a nation. They'd crossed the Rubicon rejoicing that a saviour was now in their midst.


They approved her dissent. They allowed her to do the thinking. To lead good soldiers who came with offerings later jumping in line to pony up their money for the cause.

A handful of placard wagging dissenters stood silently watching the battalion and listening to the Hitleresque speeches. Imploring those there to rise up against the tyranny of the left.


A woman with a sign sat inside on the front row and when approached by the police saying organizers didn't want the sign there, she insisted it was a free country and they left her there to swim with the sharks and as the meeting wore on she became more vocal in her heckling finally drawing the attention of Simpson.


BC NDP VP Morgane Oger speaks with people at Evergreen Hall.

Simpson came armed with speakers from like-minded groups. Those preaching life, liberty, respect, expressing sentiments for accountability and "proper rule of law" unabated in the name of democracy.

Simpson shook her fists in the air and promised to deliver two binders of social media insults to the RCMP. Useless platforms with little meaning. Simplistic words in a digital culture of online hatred.

"We have the ability to hold political rallies," she bellowed to the marionettes. "We're for the identity of this nation."

Her speech was steeped with negative reinforcement as she tempted a nation.

"My rights as a woman are being violated," stated Simpson.

Inexperienced TV news crews out on assignment stroked her ego with soft questions.

She brought with her pastor Garry, a gold futures trader. He enlisted the help of his 10 -year-old daughter—a wonderful speaker in her own right. Brave. Believable. A pawn in a movement led by a father with Christian beliefs tainted their speeches. An unfair but acceptable advantage in an extreme rightwing Chilliwack community.

Morgane Oger, the condescending Vice President of the BC NDP, who came with one purpose — to seek out SD33 Trustee Barry Neufeld, and destroy the man behind the origin of discontent and pound him into the dirt. It was the political plum that he carried with the endorsement of his Party.


Denied, he waved at the camera and silently left the building.


Morgane Oger. NDP VP, waves at the camera before slipping out.


The outspoken and contradictory Jenn Smith, short of a being a Stranger in a Strange Land where Asimov's main character woke up with his brain implanted into a sexy woman's body, but instead is left only in a transgender existence who doesn't want kids exposed to his egocentric way of thinking.


The bejewelled anti-SOGI activist Jenn Smith.


"When did you make the move to transgender?" asked The Voice before the curtain call. "Long ago, back in the 80's", he said.

During his thinly veiled speech he cemented his vanity by lambasting the media.

"I don't like my picture taken," he told the crowd. "They always use the worst one they can find."

The Voice has interacted with the man many times in various formats to online inquisitions, to letters he sent years ago that were published, and more recently e-mails with article suggestions.


When challenged about a recent contribution to print media, and his failure to send the same communication to The Voice, his coy response: "They slammed me."


"Who is the Valley Voice? Oh, I have so many media outlets I'm dealing with, I can't remember that one," he said like Zsa Zsa Gabor.

By attending the rally he made it obvious his intentions were to stroke his burgeoning ego.

It was then the word narcissism came into play.


"But any picture is a good picture," stated The Voice.

"I know, but..." he replied.

Both sides are toying with each other. They're using him and he's using the movement to stroke his vanity. Fame and fortune is hard to crinkle once it becomes ingrained in neurotic minds. A finger of thought as the wig was hung up for the night.

At the end the crowd filtered out happy that they got what they came for. Acknowledgement of a twisted left wing agenda forced on school kids without an ability to say they don't want the systems changed and can figure out if they want to be an Oger or a Smith later when they have time to think for themselves.


In the end the only people with enough pushback against the SOGI 123 movement aren't a group of seniors at Evergreen Hall — it's the parents.


As for Trustee Barry Neufeld, it indeed was better he wasn't there to stoke the fires of mutual hate.

The anti-SOGI movement have their own flag.





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