Wednesday, February 17, 2016 

Ryder Lake Rub

Small Town Friendly

Good times, good cause

Peter Whitlock, Ryder Lake Farmer's Institute


he Winterfest Karneval event was great. There were about 60 people which is a nice crowd for the Hall size. Music was wonderful and people danced all evening.


My thanks to everyone who helped put on this event. To Herb Hinterberger particularly for the band and all the friends he and Carrie invited to make the evening fun. Those who helped with tickets and kitchen work. Pam & Rick Higginson, Ariel and Barry Eastman and to all those who provided food items as well. There were a lot of compliments on the great food.

Patrick Lynch and Herb worked on the program for the event and Patrick made a lot of food as well and the two of us decorated the Hall.

We are taking the decorations down at 2pm this afternoon. If anyone has a party coming up and wants the balloons please let me know or be at the Hall between 2 and 3 this afternoon and you can have them.

Thanks also to Ray Reuter for helping me get Santa's Sleigh back to its Summer home.

Our next event is the annual Name That Tune fund raiser for the Hall. May 7. Mark your calendars and watch for the tickets to go on sale in March. Last year they sold out in eight hours so plan ahead if you want to attend.


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