Monday, February 22, 2016 



Farmer's Market Chicanery

Bill 11 will make organic fruits and vegetables pricier

Myrtle Macdonald, M. Sc., Chilliwack


his article  no comfort to me; 


"Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick has introduced Bill 11, the Food and Agricultural Products Classification Act in the House today so British Columbians can shop with confidence."


I probably don’t know enough about the problems organic farmers face, to be able to make an objective comment.


What troubles me is that  this new bill 11 will just make the cost of organic produce even higher than it already is.


What I want is to see at farmers’ markets signs like “Pesticide Free”, or even “No pesticides used in the last four weeks” (or even two weeks).


I believe local farmers’ products are safer than imported products, even if they can’t claim they are organically grown.  Conditions would be nearly organic and I think that is enough.


My other problems  are:

1. Most of the population cannot afford the high prices charged for vegetables and fruit. 


2. Farmers’ Market prices should not be as high as prices for imported produce in grocery stores.


3.  Probably the imported produce is subsidized by government(s) in the USA at some time early or late during their growth, marketing and transport in refrigerated trucks. 

Can anyone provide data about these claims?


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