Saturday, February 27, 2016 


4˝ Walls

Local film company produces psychological thriller

Mazas Entertainment Group


ucas (Mazas), a middle age man, had been happy in a harmonious relationship for a long time. He thought it was going to last forever until he woke-up beside his mutilated partner, Jessica.


Facing the horrible scene Lucas went into shock and shut himself up in the bedroom closet. Now he has to search his memories and figure out what happened, who did it.


Going through every minute he can remember scanning every friend, every acquaintance trying to understand.
After spending hours trying to figure out who did it without any good result, Lucas finally find the courage to come out of the closet, only to trip on the Jessica’s arm, banging his head real hard in the process.
When slowly coming back into consciousness, Lucas realizes he is in a psychiatrist office with a gorgeous female psychiatrist, Lisa. 6 Months went by and this is Lucas’s final day of full recovery after Jessica was killed. Him and Lisa are now very close and as Lucas leaves her office they mutually confirm a date.
Leaving the office happy, Lucas hit his head hard on the doorframe as he climbs into his car. Suddenly flashes are exploding into his mind. Memories he has not seen before, memories he did not want to remember, memories the psychiatrist did not unlock. In horror he learns he killed Jessica and Lisa is next…








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