Wednesday, February 10, 2016


ISO Treasure Troves

Metal detector club gives out its annual awards

Mark Lewis, FVTH


FVTH club founder Mark Lewis presents Cassandra Augustynowicz with her third place trophy for Hunter of the Year last Tuesday.


f you weren't there, you missed a good meeting last night (Tuesday). We had some new faces, great finds overall a great time.


The new hints for the 2 Hidden Tokens were read out, 1 of 4 Silver Saudi Arabian coins were passed around, they will be in 4 of the hunts in July.


These coins are $150.00+ USD each. We started the night with 11 Spots left in the Early Bird Hunt In July. We now have only 7!


Hunters of the Month - January
1st - Cassandra Augustynowicz
2nd - Mike Wesloski
3rd - Ernie Medwedrich

Hunter of the Year 2015

1st - Mark Lewis
2nd - Dennis Augustynowicz
3rd - Cassandra Augustynowicz


Watch a 3-minute club video on YouTube here. For more information about FVTH and how to join the club, visit here.


Hunters of the month; Cassandra Augustynowicz, Mike Wesloski (R) and Ernie Medwedrich.


Hunters of the Year; Congratulations to first place winner; Mark Lewis (C), second place; Dennis Augustynowicz and third place; Cassandra Augustynowicz.








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