Thursday, Feb 4, 2016 


Mindlessness Over Matter

Vandalism on new building downtown likely to cost thousands

Staff/Voice photo



he police are doing everything that they can. Security guards in military-style Humvees are constantly on patrol. Residents pit themselves against it, but the wave of crime sweeping the city seems unstoppable at times. 


This week, 4 double-pane, tinted glass windows were smashed in the recently refurbished courthouse at Victoria and College.


The building was tagged with the word "JUVIE" as well. Considering this was a former courthouse, it could be related.


Shards of glass pepper the grassy strip that runs along the north side. The ground's going to have to be scraped clean and the soil disposed of safely.


The building is unoccupied, and locked up at night. There's a security trailer on-site. No information is available regarding the security system.


The Voice contacted the RCMP to see if there was any more info available such as if they caught the individual(s) responsible.


Cpl. Mike Rail indicated there was no information available at this time other than to say it was a case of mischief.


Chilliwack's reputation is such now that if you mention the word "crime" to any resident, they would be able to tell you a story of how they, or someone they know, has been seriously affected by it.



If you have any tips or leads about this, you can contact the Chilliwack RCMP at (604) 792-4611.



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