Wednesday, February 17, 2016 

Talent Call

Art Unplugged

Art on the Farm event seeks homegrown talent for Aug 13 

Minda Chittenden, AOTF


rt on the Farm is a free, community art event in Chilliwack that draws hundreds of visitors each summer. This funky, family oriented event will take place under the trees in a small hidden valley (Columbia Valley) near Cultus Lake BC. All items sold are made by hand.


This event offers a relaxing atmosphere where artists have the entire day to display their creations, network with other artists and sell their goods — a happy bonus!

The artist/vendor name and contact info will be shown on the website, as well as on our event map (handed out to each visitor to the event). Join us as we celebrate our 12th year—we look forward to seeing you soon.

Download the artist/vendor application here.


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