Saturday, February 14, 2015

Crime News

The Take-Down

Reports of weapons on the street bring on the heavies

Staff/Voice photos


As two suspects are on the ground being arrested, police move in on a third Friday with weapons drawn.


ust like it was in a movie, RCMP arrested three men on Princess Ave. next to the Armouries on Friday.


The dramatic take-down took place after police received two calls of a man with a gun.


The Zulu Unit moved in fast and hard on the three. With handguns drawn and rifles trained on the suspects, one was cuffed and another crawled under the directions of Mounties.


A third suspect admitted to having "just" a knife and was ordered to his knees, then to lay on the ground and put his hands on his back.


No one was injured. Police have not yet responded to questions from The Voice. Watch here for more details as they emerge later.



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