Sunday, February 15, 2015

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The Cat Came Back

Feisty feline rescued after being trapped down a shaft for 2 days 

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Dan Harmsen and his family are all smiles Sunday after he rescued their cat which spent two days down a shaft. Below, Harmsen shows the spot where the cat was trapped and the basket he used to rescue it.


very once in a while firefighters are called out to rescue an animal in distress. Such was the case on Sunday when a cat owner found his animal trapped in a barn on Upper Prairie. But, as luck would have it, after two days he managed to free it himself and the fire department's services were not needed.


Dan Harmsen loves cats. He has a couple of them at the farm he lives on with his girlfriend and two kids.

On Saturday, he realized that he hadn't seen one of the cats for a couple of days. So he went looking for it.

When he checked one of the barns, he could hear meowing and climbed the silage pile to discover "Whitey" down a foot wide gap alongside the wall.

"I heard the cat crying like crazy," he said. "It's like 20 feet down there."

So very ingeniously, he put some food in a collapsible basket and lowered it down on a rope. But another day passed and the cat wasn't budging.

"I was getting frustrated because he wasn't going in the basket right away."

At that point, Harmsen went back to the house and called the City of Chilliwack Fire Department for help.

But this cat was in a spot that even the Fire Department would have had a hard time with.

"Then, I came back later and shined the flashlight down there, and he was in the basket, so I just pulled it up as fast as I could," he said with a laugh.

They immediately called the Fire Department back and cancelled the call.

Fortunately, the affectionate cat wasn't injured and the family was just very glad to have him back.




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