Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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Trans Canada Truck Troubles

Semi rollover injures driver

Staff/Photos by William Snow, Chilliwack


A semi lies twisted on Highway 1 after rolling over late Tuesday. Will Snow photo.


mergency crews were called out to a semi tractor trailer rollover about 11 p.m. Tuesday on Highway 1 just west of Lickman Rd.


The driver initially complained of back pains and a Medevac chopper was called, however it was called off and he was taken to hospital via ambulance.


Local newsfinder William Snow was able to take some photos for Voice readers.


According to Snow, the driver of the truck missed some highway work signs and thankfully no highway workers were injured in the mishap.


"Police officers had to leave the scene and chase down 2 others for speeding through the scene estimate speed of travel of others was about 90 plus," said Snow in an email later.


It's unclear why the accident happened.



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