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Say Yes at Mr Mikes winning couple plan to live happily ever after

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Curtis Landrath and Arianna Wright kiss after he proposes during an unforgettable evening at Mr. Mikes in Mission BC.


he couple, Curtis Landrath and Arianna Wright are from Mission and the proposal took place at the MR MIKES in Mission last weekend. Curtis won the Say Yes at MR MIKES Valentine’s Day contest and $1,500 towards his proposal.


The winning submission was written by Curtis Landrath and is as follows:

“I met Arianna over 20 years ago in grade 7, we were just 12 years old. She was the prettiest girl at school, and I was the shy boy nobody noticed. Arianna loved to playfully tease anyone that wasn't easily offended, and that was me. She took my backpack and laughed as she threw it out the second story window of the French class. I ran outside to go get it and when I returned, she tossed it out again! We were friends from then on! We were partners for all kinds of school projects and I even rode the bus that my dad drove just so I could sit with her. I lived close to the school, I didn’t need to ride a bus.

After a year I finally worked up the courage to ask her to a high school dance... She shot me down! I was crushed! I stayed locked in the friend zone for the next 18 years! She had a series of loser boyfriends and I had a ten year failed marriage. She had two girls and I had two boys. We stayed in touch through text messages and Facebook and I used to drive by her house on my way to work and she would stand in the window with her baby and wave to me. I moved to the other end of the province and we lost track of each other.

After my marriage dissolved we started talking more on Facebook and we met up when I came to the Fraser Valley to visit my parents. We started talking on the phone and it slowly turned into a long distance relationship. At Christmas she even snuck into my parent’s house to see me one night. 32 years old and acting like teenagers! I found a job in Abbotsford in April of last year and moved down. My plan was to stay with my parents until I found a place of my own. I only spent two nights at my parents and have been living with the girl of my dreams ever since. She is the love of my life, the most beautiful person inside and out that I have ever met, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her by my side. I am planning to propose on Valentine’s day and we are both diehard steak eaters. Mr. Mikes would be the perfect place to ask her to marry me!”


Watch the video on YouTube here.


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