Friday, February 20, 2015


Significant Weeks Ahead in Politics

Are the Tories fearmongering with Bill C-51?

By Richard Harrington, Chilliwack


s you well know, there is a great deal of debate going on right now on this recent Harper Bill. I just finished watching a re-run of Thomas Mulcair's speech on this topic. As biased as I may be; I was very impressed with his forceful and intelligent attack on this bill.


Without going into the lengthy detail of Mulcair's comments- suffice to say that he pointed out clearly the fact that this Conservative bill is the "First" election plank of the coming campaign. This "Playing with Fear" legislation is, of course, playing on the fears of the population and hoping that this issue alone will garner another majority government for the Conservatives.

I truly hope that I am wrong- however, I fear that many voters are easily led on such emotional issues.Years ago I read the fabulous book on the rise of Hitler entitled " The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich". It clearly showed how the Nazi propaganda machine manipulated public behaviour like nothing else in human history. After reading the book a second and then a third time- I learned more specifics on just how the Nazis used fear (of the Communists) to convince the voting public to support the Nazi party over eight other parties. Their manipulation was literally genius.

This is clearly what Harper is doing right now- hopefully, the public in today's Canada will not fall for this deceit. Elizabeth May is voting against this legislation. Good for her. The Liberals are SUPPORTING the legislation. Does this surprise you? It does not me. Please be aware that the next few weeks may determine where the electorate "swings" on this issue. I am extremely proud of Mulcair and our New Democrats for having the fortitude to stand up against this Freedom-killer piece of legislation. If only the Germany of the 1930s had an opposition like the NDP, we may not have seen the horrors of World War Two.


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