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Rapid Fire

Quick call saves home from worse damage says Chief

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A Chilliwack firefighter tends the truck Tuesday as flames shoot through the the roof of a Hazel St. house behind. Below crews aim water up high.


speedy call to 9-1-1, and a quick response by the Chilliwack Fire Department, were key factors in saving a home situated in the 8900-block of Hazel Street just after 7:30 p.m. Tuesday from complete ruin.


Assistant Fire Chief Mike Bourdon referred to the call as "timely" in a release on Wednesday. Firefighters know they have a very small window before a blaze gets entrenched in the building, so every minute counts and therefore it's important to get the call in fast and not wait.

Fire Halls 1 and 4 were on the scene shortly, and were met with smoke pouring out of the eaves of the home. Flames erupted soon after, but crews managed to knock it down within a few minutes.

"Firefighters entered the home and quickly gained access to the attic and suppressed the fire. Fire damage is limited to the exterior roof and attic with very minor smoke damage inside the house," said the Chief.


There were no injuries to firefighters or residents.

Fire is traumatic for any neighbourhood. Hazel Street was agog basked in red and blue lights. A woman stood on the street in her pajamas holding a cat. A small boy sobbed on his father's lap. A couple clung to each other nearby. Police strung up yellow tape while firefighters and paramedics raced around.

After an investigation the following day, Chief Bourdon concluded that the fire department considers the blaze "accidental and related to the fireplace."

If you use a fireplace there are some basic safety tips and maintenance at Clean Sweep Canada's web page here.

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