Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fire News

Barns Burn

Early morning blaze destroys farm outbuildings

Staff/Voice photos


A horse runs by flames on the property next door to a barn fire in the 6500-block of Chilliwack River Rd. early Tuesday.


t 5:00 a.m. Tuesday, firefighters from Chilliwack fire halls 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 responded to a barn fire in the 6500-block of Chilliwack River Road.


"When firefighters arrived they found smoke and flame coming from the middle section of one of the barns on site," said Assistant Fire Chief Michael Bourdon in a release on Tuesday. "The barn quickly became fully involved and fire crews had to change to a defensive attack protecting nearby buildings."

According to Chief Bourdon, the large barn was totally destroyed by the fire and there were no civilian or firefighter injuries.

The City of Chilliwack Fire Department was still investigating the cause of this on Tuesday evening.

A neighbour at the "Mustang Ranch" told The Voice that the barns were being used to grow mushrooms in the past, however it was her understanding that they were empty at the time of the blaze. She said there were 3 homes on the farm, and each home had it's own barn.

Her horses although spooked were not harmed by the fire.


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