Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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$eeing $igns

Are new no panhandling signs just a waste of money?

Staff/Voice photos


A skateboarder rolls past a "no skateboarding sign Tuesday evening, Below, Voice file photos of a woman and man canvassing for coins at Hodgins and Yale Rd. in February 2012.


ill the "expensive" new anti-panhandling signs make a difference, or will they just be more of a distraction than they're worth for drivers who already have enough to watch out for at busy intersections?


There are big square white signs mounted throughout the downtown indicating no skateboarding. But do kids pay attention to that on a night when stores are closed and sidewalks empty?


Any self-respecting panhandler knows he or she, is not supposed to be canvassing cars at intersections, and only the most creative will do it, such as the one's pictured here. These types are far and few between.


City Hall wants to fight signs with signs of their own, but it's unclear how often  drivers are canvassed at Chilliwack intersections.


Last week, the motion of installing signs all over town was on the City Hall agenda for council's consideration and it passed. See The Voice's coverage here.


The issue has left some in doubt and wondering if "no panhandling" signs at Chilliwack intersections will be more of a traffic hazard than a help. Especially at first, when every driver in town is going to want to get a good look at these fancy new signs. Plus, do you really want to tell people where the best places to panhandle are?


The Voice queried the David Blain, Director of Planning and Engineering on how many signs are going in, where, and the cost.


"The signs are approximately $50 each. They will be installed at the islands at Vedder and Luckakuck," said Blain in an email Friday.



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