Monday, February 24, 2014

Community Event

How Wild Are You?

Wildcrafting walk shows how to live off the land

Submitted by Rachel Drennan, VPC/Website photo


e are excited to offer a wild edible walk hosted by Red Hawk Healing! It will be hosted in Deroche and will be open to 8 -12 people.


Should this event fill, we are happy to host a second walk. We will collect some edibles on a 2 - 3 hour walk and then serve a salad picnic style with the freshly gathered edibles, tea and wild apple vinaigrette.


Bring a notebook and pen, water, hiking or walking shoes, and weather-appropriate attire. Depending on what is growing in the season, we will go through up to 30 wild plants, their medicinal and nutritional properties, and how to use them.

When:  Saturday, April 12
Time: 10 am
Location:  Deroche, BC

Cost: $45 - The cost for this workshop is $45 for members of the Valley Permaculture Guild. Please prepay at least one week before the event so we can be sure of numbers. Please make cheques payable to the Valley Permaculture Guild and contact me (Rachel Symington) for mailing address.

If there is enough interest, we will offer this workshop on April 12 as well.

Wildcrafting, the art of making food/medicine/textiles out of wild plants, is a wonderful way to commune with the earth, prepare for disasters, or to get an insight into the everyday life of our foremothers/fathers. Wild plants are nutritionally dense, much more so than conventionally farmed or even home-grown produce. To know and understand the abundance around you - food and medicine is everywhere! - is a complete worldview shift. We save hundreds on our grocery bills just by spending a bit of time foraging the wild abundance around us. With a bit of imagination, it is possible to live entirely off of the land around you.


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