Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Crime News

Walmart Thief Bolts 

Suspect chased through parking lot to creek

Staff/Voice photos


A police dog and officer search for pair on Eagle Landing Monday.

Walmart Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) chased an alleged shoplifter, Mounties chased them, and the Voice chased the story.


On Monday, an LPO spotted a suspect stealing from the store and gave chase when the suspect bolted with merchandise from the store.


When police arrived, they couldn't locate either the suspect or the LPO.


The chase apparently went to the creek where officers found a sweater reportedly belonging to the suspect on the bank.


A police dog was brought in and Search and Rescue was called due to fears the chase went into the creek.


Eventually, Mounties gave up after an extensive search was made.


It's not known what happened to both the LPO or the suspect.




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