Friday, February 7, 2014

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Mission Park Flats Area of Concern

Open letter to science journalist Anne Casselman

Submitted by David Ellis, Vancouver


hank you for the telephone inquiry today, I welcome it. I am a busy working Canadian and wish to overlap my reply with what will be the first in a series of "press releases" that will:


A) Double as my "comment" on why there is an urgent reason, relating to Canadian public safety, why the proposed "hearings" on the Trans Mountain pipeline "twinning" must be postponed, through intervention by the RCMP (who in fact police the National Energy "Board") as this "twinning" proposal must not be considered, until this 61 years old existing pipe, is brought up to the basic Canadian safety standards, dictated by Canadian law, and

B) I will also move here to show these facts so clearly to the RCMP, that they will now wish to quickly move the National Energy Board, to appropriate enforcement action to immediately protect public safety, where the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline crosses under large trees at the Mission Flats Park (see picture below) in Kamloops. In short the trees must be removed, and also this entire section of the pipeline must be immediately replaced, to protect the people of Kamloops, B.C.

I feel guided in this writing by a wide group of people, that are in the fields of pipeline operation and maintenance, law, academia, community and city governance and especially, volunteer community support, and who work and live, over the length of the pipeline, from Burnaby, to Hinton, who are also a witness to this first document, as I copy it to them, today.

I am serous in my intent, as a Canadian citizen working to protect the public interest, in this first move to prosecute, if this prospect, needs to be. I therefore present my intent here, as a concerned Canadian citizen, to ask remedy from the RCMP, to order the National Energy Board, to immediately act to enforce the existing rules, regulations, and codes, in the interests of Public Safety, in the operation of the Trans Mountain pipeline, near the parking area of Mission Flats Park (see picture above) in Kamloops.

I thus here give my qualified and researched opinion, that the RCMP must move to mandatory regulatory enforcement, of the National Energy Board, because at this time, the National Energy Board denies there is a safety infraction (see letter from NEB below) and continues to allow Kinder Morgan Canada, to leave large trees, growing on top of the pipeline. THIS IS AN OBVIOUS DANGER TO THE PIPELINE COATING, CATHODIC PROTECTION, AND INTEGRAL STRENGTH (A storm could uproot the trees and cause a pipeline break).

I further relay to the RCMP, that the historic high pressures in the Mission Flats Park location, mean that they as the probable first responders, need to be ready for a disaster here much larger than Lac-Mégantic, due to the fact that even a short duration spill would expel far larger volumes of the "batched" and often highly explosive mixture of gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, crude and diluted crude (bitumen) that are sent down this pipe on a daily basis; the existence of a railway crossing very near to this location, would give a high likelihood of ignition as the interaction of steel wheel and steel tracks, frequently produce sparks.

David Ellis, B.A., M. Sc. (Hon.) Natural Resource Management
Independent Pipeline Critic



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