Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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Mill Makeover

Crews close city's shortest street, new lighting will be better

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City workers were busy on Mill Street Tuesday. Below the street is very dim at night with the current lighting.


ast year, Chilliwack City Hall decided it was time to spend some of the budget on an upgrade for the city's most abbreviated street.


So, City staff consulted extensively with store owners who ultimately came up with the design through a voting scheme which gave them multiple choice options.

After the consultation was over, a plan was settled upon, which included broadening the sidewalks and converting the street to one-way only.

During the City Hall meeting on Tuesday afternoon, councillor Popove spoke about the closure and indicated it's going to be nice when it's finished in 3 months. But, according to the City of Chilliwack web site, Mill Street will be closed to vehicular traffic for two months until March 4th.


Checking council's agenda package, it appears Popove was correct and the project completion date is April.

Even though pedestrians can use a portion of it to access businesses there, at least one store owner who wanted to remain anonymous, told the Voice last week their sales have plummeted.

"It's hard enough as it is. We're only just scraping by and now my customers, many of whom are seniors, can't park or even get here, and it's going to be this way for the next two months."

Mill Street has been riddled with crime over the years. It's not known what the plan is for the street lighting. Decorative lights are nice and they add to the ambiance, but they are just that for decoration, and aren't very effective at night.


David Blain, Director of Planning and Engineering for the City of Chilliwack told the Voice in an e-mail on Wednesday that the lighting will be better once the upgrade is complete.


"The Mill Street project will replace the existing three lights with five lights," wrote Blain. "They will also have upgraded luminaires (lights) which will provide better overall lighting per stand."

For more information and updates, visit the City's web page here.


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Below, a City of Chilliwack rendition of how the street will appear in April.