Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Local NDP Leader's Tawdry Tale

Thompson still married but "engaged" to O'Mahony, wife calls him a "madman"

Submitted by Carrol Anne Thompson. Chilliwack/Voice photo Glen Thompson


Editor of The Valley Voice;


don't know where you received your information about Glen Thompson and I, his American wife, who immigrated from California in 1996, hoping to live in a long, happy, and loving marriage with him. Sadly, that was not to be.

Glen took up with Gwen O' Mahoney when she was deciding whether or not to run in the last election; while he was still living with me here in our home in the Chilliwack River Valley.

He left me, to take charge of her campaign SOME THREE YEARS AGO & WE ARE STILL NOT DIVORCED.

For some reason Glen refuses to end this farce; and he will not settle things with me; nor proceed to obtain a divorce, which is in fact in the works at this time. Ask him why, if you want to know!

One could certainly do better when they are attempting to "gather their thoughts" and relate them to others.

I really do not like reading lies like this about his having divorced me . .. since simply, it is not the truth.

Maybe this will push him to do the right thing; as a friend of mine said to me.

I wasn't aware of the engagement announcement till you're mentioning of it to me tonight.
This is of course shocking news to me, certainly; aside from the bald faced lie; as I've just returned from California last week, from burying my Mother, next to my brother, and that horror, as I never got to attend his funeral while married and living in Canada. He's not acknowledged a bit of it either, 'Christian?' I'd not been home in almost two decades.
He had never even met my Mom, nor any member of my family. Looking back these weeks now; it's scary how isolated I was.

It's cost me thousands of borrowed dollars, tears, fears, and nada, zip, zero; not a single word of sympathy, condolence, or care. However he DID do this last year, when I thought something bad had happened to her, and he thought it would be good pr to do so. Not this time. Unbelievable eh? I'm SO glad I escaped this madman!


Mrs. Glen Thompson





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