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Online Voting Not Ruled Out  After All

Elections BC: We just want to move slowly

Released by Elections BC


he Independent Panel on Internet Voting has published and submitted the Recommendations Report to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia - February 2014.


The report contains the panel's conclusions and recommendations, and summarizes the benefits and challenges of implementing Internet voting for provincial or local government elections in B.C.


"The panel recommends to go slow on introducing Internet voting in British Columbia," said Keith Archer, Chief Electoral Officer and panel Chair. "British Columbians must have confidence that their voting system is fair and trustworthy. That is why the panel recommends the appointment of a technical committee that can assess specific Internet voting systems against the principles required for a safe and secure Internet voting system."

The Recommendations Report is available here:

The Independent Panel on Internet Voting was formed by the Chief Electoral Officer on August 9, 2012, following an invitation of the B.C. Attorney General, to examine the opportunities and challenges related to the potential implementation of Internet-based voting for provincial or local government elections in British Columbia.

On October 23, 2013 the panel published a Preliminary Report for a six-week public comment period, ending on December 4, 2013. The panel reviewed the commentary, including additional submissions from experts, academics and vendors in the Internet voting community.

For more information, visit the panel's website:



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