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Meet Lorraine Logan, COSCO BC's new president

Released by COSCO BC/Submitted photo


Outgoing president Art Kube and newly elected president Lorraine Logan at the elections February 14th.


elegates representing 85 seniors’ organizations throughout the province chose Lorraine Logan to lead the 107,000 member Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of B.C. (COSCO) for the next two years.


Logan previously served as COSCO’s second vice-president, and spoke for the organization on transportation issues including DriveABLE and accessible transit services.

She takes over from Art Kube, a long time leader on issues affecting seniors.

“Art is an incredible organizer who has guided the growth of COSCO, which now represents more BC seniors than ever before,” said Logan.

“He is a key advocate for a civil society where governments plan with seniors, not for them. His work has demonstrated that seniors have much to contribute – that we are an asset to society, not a burden. Now that he has passed the torch of leadership, the new executive of COSCO will be working hard to live up to his example,” she said.

Logan said there are many issues where the voice of today’s seniors must be heard.

“Governments generally have failed to recognize the positive contributions that seniors can make. British Columbians are living longer, healthier lives. In some instances, this creates challenges, but it also creates immense opportunities,” she said.

A key issue that COSCO will be tackling immediately is the defense of public health care, threatened by the federal government’s refusal to renegotiate the federal-provincial Health Accord which expires March 31.

“Seniors will be visiting their Members of Parliament to urge them to improve public health care, and not allow Ottawa to reduce its financial contribution. We can strengthen health care, and actually save money, by establishing national Pharmacare and home support programs,” she said.

Other priorities affecting seniors include affordable housing, accessible transportation services, and the need to improve public pensions, said Logan.

COSCO is an umbrella organization that brings together 85 different seniors groups, representing 107,000 women and men, to work on common issues. COSCO is affiliated with the one million member National Pensions Federation which promotes these issues at the national level.

A major focus of COSCO’s work is promoting good health. To this end, COSCO volunteers provide a series of free workshops on 38 topics ranging from falls prevention to health literacy. More than 6,000 seniors have attended these workshops.


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