Wednesday, February 5, 2014


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Dire Disaster Plans

Losing public payphones a mistake in emergency situation

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On Tuesday, a Chilliwack City Hall payphone kiosk sits with the phone ripped out


t's a fact that after a disaster such as an earthquake, public telephones are the very first things to come back online.


This is done so people can call their families to let them know they're alive.


Chilliwack City Hall needs a re-think of their disaster preparedness plan. Instead of allowing the removal of public telephones, more should be added and in strategic places.


If disaster strikes such as an earthquake, there are no cell towers remaining upright, so you won't have cell phones.


Imagine the misery if lineups for the phone are a week long. So they should bring them back, not take them away. Subsidize them if the Telus says they're not profitable. But they should be part of any disaster plan.




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