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One Step to Stardom

Brendan Guy puts on memorable show at Decades

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Brendan Guy sings at his CD release party at Decades on Saturday. Below, Vancouver singer Emily Seal signs autographs for fans.


rendan Guy has been stealing the hearts of our town’s young women one show at a time with his catchy tunes, flamboyant stage presence and big hair. 


Guy, 16, traveled almost 700 miles on an 11-hour run from Leduc Alberta with his manager mom Cindy and straight to Decades Coffee Club last Saturday, where he delivered a valentine to each of no less than 30 adoring fans at his CD and video release party.


Last year, the singing sensation played Party in the Park, and with shows like that, you can’t help but think you’re looking at the new Bieber.


In some ways, the show at Decades Coffee Club on Wellington Ave. was better than at Central Community Park.


“I love Chilliwack. It’s the best place. It's like crazy here. The reception has been so great here and I'm so glad to be back,” he told the Voice. “They've been so good to me, on social media and stuff, they're always active. It's been awesome.”


On Monday, the title track from Guy’s Who I AM CD hit the airwaves.


He’s hoping fans call local radio stations and request it so that he can work up to a radio station tour in a couple of months. Mission singer Carly Rae Jepsen did the same thing and then it all changed for her and she became a superstar. There’s no reason to think the same thing can’t happen to this talented young man.


“Hopefully if I can get some radio action then I'll be able to come back and do a radio show and then possibly do another performance like this,” he said.


His mom says it’s been a roller coaster ride and they just take it one day at a time.



“He's got a bunch of stuff around Edmonton. So he's going to be there for awhile and we'll see what happens with the radio release,” she said.


Along the way to Chilliwack they stopped to pick up another young phenom singer Emily Seal, who also impressed at Party in the Park. On Saturday, she opened for Guy.


Guy didn’t disappoint. He put on a lively and entertaining show. His fans were thrilled to sit on the sofa and talk with him. Some even got to touch his hair. Later, they all lined up for his autograph. Some had handmade signage. Some gave him their shoes to sign.


It says a lot about Guy when he's willing to make a special mid-winter trip for his fans. In the end, everyone went home happy. The girls had their new CD’s to cherish and Guy chalked up another successful trip to Chilliwack.


For more information visit www.brendanguy.com and connect with him in Facebook.


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