Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Budget 2014

LNG the Focus 

First Nations get funding boost, one process system for environmental permits

Released by CEBC


he Clean Energy Association of BC (CEBC) welcomed the BC Government's balanced Budget 2014. Minister of Finance Mike de Jong delivered what he called a boring budget but in its balance it holds the promise of a more exciting future for BC through LNG developments and economic growth.


"It is terrific that $1 million dollars has been added to the First Nations Clean Energy Business Fund to assist First Nations to grow their participation in the clean energy sector, "said Paul Kariya, CEBC Executive Director. Kariya added that, "Clean energy is recognized by the government as an enabling sector that supports economic growth mindful of environmental protection, First Nation participation and regional jobs and investments.

The Budget also allocates modest new resources to improve the environmental assessment and regulatory and permitting systems between the ministries of Environment and Forest Lands and Natural Resources Operations. "Efforts to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the one project: one process system is welcomed by industries in the natural resource sector." said Kariya.

The BC Clean Energy Association represents 225 members who develop and operate cost effective wind, hydro, biomass, biogas and natural gas electricity generation projects in cooperation with BC Hydro. Approximately 15% of BC's electricity comes from these reliable private sector sources.



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