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Exotic Persian dog needs to learn Canadian English




Spicey' is looking for a nice home in Canada.






ome people wonder why help dogs overseas when there are plenty in Canada to assist.  After shots, papers and tags, Petfinders dogs aren't much more than an SPCA dogs.

"I've been asked the same thing about bringing in dogs from other countries when we could adopt in Canada," say Jackie Clements from Petfinder. "My response is that even a homeless dog in Canada has a better life than dogs in places like Iran where they are butchered, tortured and abused. The Shah of Iran has stated that dogs are vermin so it gives people free reign to be incredibly cruel to them."


Hello, my name is Spicey and I am longing to come to Canada to live in a real home with you. I am a sweet-natured female Golden Retriever mix, a little over a year old and weighing in at 44lb.


At one point in my young life I was a family pet and life was good. But I became ill with distemper and my heartless family kicked me out to fend for myself on the streets. 


Wandering, sick and alone in Tehran was a dangerous and frightening experience and one that I am lucky to have survived.   


Coming Around Again

That luck came in the form of a Good Samaritan who found me and paid for me to be treated at a veterinary clinic. Distemper caused me to lose my ability to walk for a while, but thanks to the generosity of my rescuer I have been receiving rehabilitation treatments and slowly my legs are getting stronger and I am beginning to walk again.


Shelter From the Storm

But there is a limit to how much longer this compassionate person can continue to pay for my boarding and rehab. She worries that I will be bullied by other dogs if she sends me to a shelter, so she is hoping there is a chance I can find a loving home in Canada.


A Friend In Need

At the moment I am only able to walk a few steps, but I have a strong will and I know that I will one day be able to run again. Despite my weakness I still love to play with the other dogs and get scratches and belly rubs from everyone who passes my way.


If I were lucky enough to come to live with you I would happily share your home with cats or dogs because I have more than enough love to go around. I would need you to be patient with me and help me on my journey to recovery by continuing my rehabilitation exercises. But in return I would let you scratch my belly whenever you wanted.


Now really, how can you  resist an offer like that?! I have been spayed, vaccinated & micro-chipped.  My adoption fee is $350.00, this includes my airfare to Canada and into your arms.



In order to keep both dogs and children safe, the Board of Directors has decided that unless a representative of LALDR has personally met the dog or has been satisfied by the international rescue about the dogs' ability to live with children, we will not approve an adoption to a family with children age 8 or younger. We are hesitant to approve and adoption for families with children under the age of 12, but will consider each application individually.


Please review our adoption guidelines here.



Dogs from the Middle East are vaccinated for rabies, parvo, distemper and leptospirosis. They are not given bordatella as that has not been a problem the Middle East.


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