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Just when you thought the SOGI debate was over—it ain't






eople judged and even persecuted Barry Neufeld without understanding what he was saying, and got emotional and polarized. 


That escalated like a mob does. Canadians used to be respectful of each other's small differences. Many letters published contained resentful accusations rather than clear discussion. I heard Dr. Ferguson on TV about a week ago and rather liked what he said. Chromosomes remain the same even after sex change surgery is done.  The DNA you are born with cannot be changed.

To tell little children that they can choose or change their sexual identity is ridiculous. 


It could be very unsettling. Children should not on their own test whether they are male of female. For a boy to like dolls and not like aggressive games, does not mean he is a girl. For a girl to be a tomboy does not mean she is a boy.

Teachers should be on the alert to prevent children from having sex play with friends of the same or the other sex (in the bathroom or another private spot). They can stop the behavior without making it a big issue and without scolding.  If it continues they might report it gently, without shame to the parents.



Parents can be advised to handle the matter without dwelling on it a lot and without harshness and force. To make a big issue of it could result in more deviant behavior.


Only if there is a transsexual child in a classroom should teachers say anything to the class. They should teach the rest of the class to be kind and accepting and that this difference is not uncommon. They should add that transsexuals can live a good and normal life.

Children are often cruel with other children, calling them names. There are many child bullies who ostracize and threaten classmates such as:

    1. children of other ethnic backgrounds,
    2. poor children
    3. malnourished and sickly children
    4. newcomers from another part of BC, Canada or the world.

Teachers ought to teach children to be friendly and include anyone as an equal in their social activities and sports.  It is good to take an interest in different ethnic and religious customs. Cliques and gangs are unhealthy. Loneliness is hard on children. Comments can be send in here.



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