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A little humor on a Saturday morning






bout 200 years ago we had the Great French Revolution and there were three gentlemen about to lose their heads on the guillotine. There was a priest, a lawyer and a theoretical physicist.

So they put the priest's head on the chopping block and asked him: "Do you have any last priestly words to say?"

"Yes," he said. "God from above he will certainly set me free."


While all eyes were on the guillotine, they raised the blade and the blade came down, swish, and stopped an inch before it cut his head off.

Well, the mob had never seen this before. They were shocked. They said "God has spoken, let the priest go!"

Now came the lawyers turn and the blood lust was started. They put the lawyer's head on the chopping block and asked him: "Do you have any last words before we cut your lawyerly head off?"

"Yes," he said. "The Spirit of Justice and Mercy, she shall set me free."

Then the blade came down, swish, and it stopped an inch before it took his head off.

Well, justice and mercy had spoken and the crowd went wild. "Free him," they yelled. "Let's have a national holiday!"

Now came the theoretical physicist's turn.

Well, they put the physicists head on the chopping block and they asked him if he had any last words before they cut his head off?

 "Yeah, I've got some last words." he said "I don't know too much about God and I know even less about the law, but I do know one thing, if you look up you'll see that the rope is stuck on the pulley," and then he said, "if you remove the rope from the pulley, the blade should come down real good. Big mistake. Big mistake.

Well the rope came down, the blade came down and his head came off and the moral of the story is sometimes we physicists need to know when to keep our mouths shut.



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