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GameSense rolled out at Chances Casino aims to help addicted gamblers




Mike Verhaef, Chances Casino, explains how GameSense works to City councillors Sue Attrill and Harv Westeringh. Below, Verhaef spreads some seasonal happiness.






CLC is proud to announce a new resource dedicated to supporting players at Chances Chilliwack with healthy-play habits, and referring those experiencing challenges with their gambling to the support resources they need.

Chances Chilliwack is the first Community Gaming Centre to have a GameSense Advisor and Information Centre as part of BCLC’s expansion of the program to every gambling facility across BC by fall 2019. Previously, GameSense Advisors were in place at BC casinos only.

In addition to the expanded GameSense Advisor presence, BCLC has also invested in new GameSense Information Centres, which are welcoming spaces that encourage players to visit and learn more about how games work, talk with a GameSense Advisor or just take a break.

“It is truly rewarding to be interacting with customers every day, sharing information on how the games work or how to stick to a budget, and encouraging players to adopt healthy behaviours and attitudes towards gambling,” said Michael Verhoef, GameSense Advisor, Chilliwack. “I look forward to building strong relationships with players and staff here at Chances.”

GameSense Advisors support BCLC’s GameSense program by staffing the Information Centres to help players make informed choices about gambling and connect them to available support resources if they feel they need help.


Last year alone, GameSense Advisors had approximately 55,000 interactions with players at BC casinos.


Based on a BCLC patron survey, the majority of patrons who have visited GameSense Information Centres and have interacted with GameSense Advisors agree they are more educated and equipped for informed play, suggesting the effectiveness of having an interaction with staff onsite when it comes to player education.

“I am proud of our efforts to invest in and enhance player health supports here in Chilliwack,” said Jamie Wiebe, BCLC Director of Player Health. “Research shows that on-site advisors are a valuable resource in the promotion of responsible play and reduction of gambling-related harms.”

Player health is a key strategic priority for BCLC. GameSense is the cornerstone for engaging and informing players, while removing stigma that may be associated with accessing responsible and problem gambling resources.

For more information about Chances Casino and entertainment, visit here.


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