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Group finds valuable and cleans up school grounds from dangerous items



Pete Bifano (r to l), Mark Lewis and Kris Szigeti show their finds at the last meeting. Below, arrows found on a school property.







ach month Fraser Valley treasure Hunters (FVTH) go out in the community around the Lower Mainland looking for long lost items.

In some cases a person will lose a ring or some other precious item and have asked FVTH to see if they can help find it. In some cases the finds are coins or jewellry or just hunks of worthless metal.

The group is always careful and if they dig a landscaped area they make sure to replace the turf the way they found it. Once in a while they need to get permission first before a search.

One of the really great things that FVTH do is search schoolyards for sharp items like needles and other things that can hurt kids.

In the future, Lewis will be discussing some of the good things they find and some "dangerous stuff" things that the group finds at schools. In the case of the last outing three arrows were located on a school ground.

"It was a quick meeting with a small group last night, but that was ok, it was fun. We had some interesting things for the Hunter of the Month, if it has metal, we will find it.

"It was a small meeting ut it was still fun," said Mark Lewis, the club's founder.

• First Place went to Mark Lewis with 3 Arrows
• Second Place went to Pete Bifano with a sterling silver seahorse.
• Third Place went to Kris Szigeti with a lovely chain and crucifix.

FVTH's December Hunt is set for Sunday the 16th, in the Fraser Valley. Location to follow.

"Hope you all have a great Christmas," says Lewis.

The group is always looking for new members. All you need is a metal detector. Connect with FVTH via their website here. Watch a YouTube video here.


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