Friday Dec 9, 2016 


Season's Greetings

Treasure Trove

Top monthly finds include gold and silver

Mark Lewis, Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters


Mark Lewis (L) placed 2nd, Sharon Giguere came in 1st and Dennis Augustynowicz


e had a small meeting tonight but it was also a lot of fun and had a chance to show off our latest finds.

First Place: Sharon Giguere - 14 Kt Gold Ring
Second Place: Dennis Augustynowicz - 1960 Silver Canadian 25 Cent Piece
Third Place: Mark Lewis - Sterling Silver Ring

Members bury tokens in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland of BC. Whoever finds the token gets a prize such as a Mint Packaged coin then the finder has to make up the new set of clues for the other hunters to find his or her buried token.


Dennis found 1 of 2 Tokens that are buried. Whoever buries the token must come up with a set of clues for the Hunters to try and find the token.


For more information and to join the club, visit the website here.

Watch an interesting and informative 3 minute Youtube clip here.


Merry Christmas from Fraser Valley Treasure Hunters!



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